General information about CBD products

CBD (the shorter name of cannabidiol) is one of the most effective cannabinoid molecules found in cannabis leaves. 

This active substance was discovered in 1940. And nowadays it is most often used in medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics or as an ingredient in food and drink. 

Unlike the psychoactive THC molecule, CBD has no intoxicating effect and does not promote addiction, so it is safe and legal to use in most countries. 

Read more about CBD. 

Cannabidiol preparations are most valued for their sedative properties. 

CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system, helping to restore and maintain balance at the body's daily physical and mental functions or reactions (such as sleep, pain, emotions, immune system, etc.).  

CBD is legal to buy and use in many countries if the preparation does not contain the psychoactive molecule THC. 

Under current legislation, products containing the drug THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) cannot be disposed of in Lithuania, but the CBD (cannabidiol) component is not prohibited. Thus, those living in Lithuania can legally dispose of Full Spectrum THC-free. Full Spectrum without THC), Broad Spectrum Broad Spectrum) or CBD isolates that do not contain residual THC elements.

In any case, remember that even small amounts of THC can cause side effects (anxiety, dizziness) or be detected during a drug test. 

So, beware of unscrupulous manufacturers and choose those who provide the results of studies on the levels of cannabinoids in each batch.

H Drop only sells CBD products that do not contain psychotropic THC.

The World Health Organization has proven in 2018 that CBD is a non-psychoactive and addictive cannabinoid -  

In addition, the World Anti-Doping Agency has classified CBD as a substance authorised for use by athletes - 

THC is the only known molecule in hemp grown for fibre that causes undesirable intoxicating effects.

It should be noted that THC is removed from all products produced and sold by H Drop with an accuracy of 99,9 %.

CBD consumption

Simply put, 1 drop 15% = 3 drops 5%

But at first, it was advisable to calculate the personal recommended daily dose of CBD: CBD dosage calculator.  

Let's say your recommended daily dose is 30 mg CBD. 

30 mg CBD = 4 drops (7.5 mg) 15% CBD preparation = 12 drops (2.5 mg) 5% preparation = 3 capsules of 10 mg 

Thus, a 5% strength is more suitable for consuming oils in small quantities, but 15% oil is much more economical (in the case of H Drop, the price of a gram of CBD gets about 30% cheaper). Meanwhile, the dose of capsules will always be extremely accurate (it is easy to "re-inflate" the oils) and tasteless.

Therefore, for inexperienced consumers, we usually recommend starting with 500 mg (5%) CBD oil and then switching to a more economical option of 1500 mg (15%) if necessary. Or, if you prefer a tasteless and accurate preparation, immediately choose moderate 10 mg CBD capsules. 

Meanwhile, for those who have already tried, we offer as much as 30% concentration of CBD oil wonderful life to those looking for a very strong effect.

We recommend taking CBD regularly, 2-3 times a day.

If you are a new user, the effect may not be immediate. Give at least a few days to adapt the endocannabinoid receptors to phytoconabinoids.

Daily CBD dosage depends on many factors such as your body weight, status, desired effect or CBD concentration of the product you are taking. 

We recommend that you start with the CBD portion indicated in our CBD dosage calculator (click here) or refer to the instructions on the product packaging. 


1. Distribute the dose evenly throughout the day (2 or 3 times). 

2. If necessary, gradually increase the dose. However, do not exceed more than 200 mg of CBD per day.  

For pregnant women:

Enough clinical studies on cbd side effects in pregnant women have not yet been conducted, so it is necessary to consult a competent doctor before taking CBD in pregnant women. 


Clinical studies have shown that CBD is safe for use in children 2 years and older. 

Sufficient clinical trials have not yet been conducted in younger children.  

So, for the consumption of CBD in babies, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician.

There are no clinical data on specific side effects of CBD when interacting with specific drugs. However, it is not recommended to use medicines labeled Grapefruit warning with CBD products. Since both grapefruit and CBD interact with the metabolic process, they can influence the absorption of other medications.   

Therefore, before taking CBD preparations with drugs, it is necessary to consult a competent doctor.

H Drop product quality and delivery

Yes, laboratory tests are carried out for each batch of H Drop and certificates of analytical results (CoA) can be found here: 

We deliver goods throughout Lithuania within 1-2 working days.

Orders are processed at 14:00, so after placing an order before this hour, it will be sent on the same day.

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For smaller orders, the following rates apply:

- To the parcel locker EUR 2,49.

- Courier to the house or office 3,49 EUR.

When making an order, you can specify which post office you want to receive the goods to (Omniva, DPD, LP Express).

In case of a large flow of parcels or due to quarantine restrictions, in case of interference, shipments throughout Lithuania may be delayed.

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