III. How is CBD legal if cannabis is not?

CBD and cannabis legality is one of the most rumored topics in Lithuania and the world.

No surprise - THC-high (the psychoactive molecule) cannabis varieties, widely known as marijuana, are illegal to grow and use in most countries. Yes, they contain some CBD, but that’s not what they are grown for. It is important to understand that H Drop is not part of marijuana market. 

Most CBD products, including H Drop, are only produced from hemp. In this article we will try to explain laws referred to hemp, CBD and THC.

What is this legal hemp?

As we mentioned in the previous article, hemp diferres from marijuana by the concentration of THC that they hold in their buds

Every country decides the mark of THC what the plant can contain to be called hemp. For example, in Lithuania and whole Europe hemp can not contain more than 0,2% THC.

This means, that ir is only legal to grow certified hemp seeds, which grown buds contains no more than 0,2% THC.

What is the maximum amount of THC allowed in cannabis products?

Ironically, the 0,2% THC mark that should make it clearer what kind of plants you can grow legally is usually misinterpreted by growers, producers, politicians, law enforcement members and, of course, consumers.

Often it is forgotten, that 0,2% THC rule refers only to what kind of plant it is allowed to grow, so is important only to the farmers. It is a way to prohibit the production of marijuana.

Though there still is no general rule about the maximal amount of THC which could be considered safe for the end product of cannabis neither in Europe, nor in the world.





CBD legality in Lithuania

In Lithuania Drug, Tabbaco and Alcohol Control Department (DBACD) says, that at the moment there is 0% tolerance of THC in any kind of product. Therefore, you can not sell or buy products containing any more than 0% of THC.

.CBD amounts are not regulated by NTAKD, because the substance is not illegal.

CBD, like other dietary supplements, must be notified in the country from which it is marketed. H Drop products are notified in the Netherlands because the trading legal entity is established in that country. Meanwhile, Lithuanian legal entities should publish their products at the Lithuanian Food and Veterinary Inspectorate

This means, that Lithuanian consumers can only buy CBD products from certified producers, which manufactures products without any trace of THC.

Usually THC amount in the product is mentioned on the packaging of the product. Though, it is always recommended to look into the lab results provided by the manufacturer.

H Drop lab results you can find http://lab.hdrop.lt

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