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H Drop's mission is to bring more peace of mind and thought into the lives of people in the modern world.

How do we achieve this?


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so many extract bottles have already reached our customers. From Lithuania to Japan.


Produced in a pharmaceutical-level laboratory in Europe.

H Drop History

The history of H Drop goes back to the end of the nineteenth century, when the great-grandfather of our founder began practicing medicine, struggling with the outbreaks of cholera and tuberculosis that raged at the time.

Later, Rokas Šliupas served as a medic in World Wars I and II, and in the interwar period he founded one of the first divisions of the Red Cross in Northern Europe.

His great-grandson and our founder, as well as Rock Schliupas, continues the family tradition, helping those who need it most.

Rock Jr. discovered natural cannabis products when his anita was diagnosed with cancer.

Plant-based products have become an excellent alternative to restoring peace of mind and body.

It wasn't long before our founder realized that cannabis could help solve various problems in the modern world.

Biotechnology from Lithuanian fields

Our hemp flowers are grown in organic Lithuanian farms.

They are then dried, extracted in CO2 supercritical fluid installations, and finally distilled in a pharmaceutical-grade biochemistry laboratory.

Each hemp crop can accumulate a different potential for cannabinoids, depending on the quality of the seeds, the period of cultivation, the amount of soil and the sun.

So, we check each batch in an independent laboratory to make sure that in each product the amount of active substances is what we promise. 

Our team

H Drop was founded by two co-founders: Roko (who cares about raw materials, production, quality management and logistics) and Vlad (who cares about product development, sales, marketing and finance).

The moment this text is written, our team already consists of more than 15 colleagues. Or, to be more precise, friends.

We are especially proud to integrate people with autism or hearing impairments into our team. Approximately 1/4 of our employees are special – in a good way. For most of them, H Drop is the first stable workplace in life.

Cooperation with SOPA

SOPA helps people who have fewer opportunities on the labour market to find work.

Thanks to this organisation, we have already employed two great individuals and workers. If you have bought our products, they were probably hand-packed by one of them.

Watch Cornelia's story with H Drop in the warm video on the left.

Friendly to the planet and people

Caring for the planet Earth is not just a slogan – it is in our blood.

Of course, we cannot sacrifice the safety of our products, but we try to ensure that as many materials as possible in our production and logistics are recycled or decomposed.

Our packaging is also readable by visually impaired customers. In the right image, you can see a braille specialist testing braille on H Drop boxes.

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